The Urban Enterprise Group (UEG) was founded in 2016 by member of the Urban League Young Professional of Middle Tennessee.  The UEG is a management company that oversees various investments, investment funds, and private equity funds. We are tasked with managing the assets, making strategic investment decisions, and capitalizing on investment opportunities.


The objective of the UEG is to support the growth of the minority community and increase the shareholders wealth.

Our flagship fund is The Urban Enterprise Fund (UEF). This is the primary vehicle in which investments are made.  Investors become owners in the Urban Enterprise Fund upon deciding to participate.


Mission Statement


Bridge the gap between capital and investment opportunities in the minority community to foster growth.


Our Values


- Provide opportunities to investors and minority communities that mutually build upon growth, advancement, and superior returns

- We maintain and hold high integrity through disciplined decision making and holding ourselves and our partners to high standards

- We believe our initiative should be meaningful and purpose driven to increase the economic viability of our investments

- We seek continuous improvement through our organization by setting clear objective and candidly assessing the outcome

- Be responsible and respectable members of the global community

- Educate participants and investors on investing




Urban Enterprise Fund


Accomplishing the UEG objective is primarily achieved through our flagship fund the Urban Enterprise Fund (UEF) by investing in the following assets:


- Sustainable securities such as stock, bond, funds, etc.

- Minority owned businesses with high growth potential

- Invest in Real Estate with a focus on minority communities


The UEF aims to provide quarterly income and capital gains to all its’ investors. In addition to this aim there are three underlying purposes of this fund:


- Foster minority small business growth and other minority focused opportunistic endeavors

- Support and develop real estate and community development in the black community

- Education of advance wealth building strategies